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On Takeoff

Takeoff Type: Short Field
Take off with short field technique, usually involving flaps and maintaining Vx until over a 50’ obstacle.

In The Air

Ground Reference Maneuver: Rectangular Course
Clear the area. Identify a line to perform the rectangular course on. Enter downwind. Perform the Downwind, Base, Upwind, and Corsswind legs twice.
Performance Maneuver: Steep Turns
Clear the area. Note your current heading and altitude. Maintain a 45 degree bank while holding altitude. Once the 360 turn is complete, level off - then repeat in the other direction.
Navigation Practice: Fly Along VOR Radial
Using your sectional, identify a nearby VOR. Identify it. Pick a radial, and naviate either TO or FROM your VOR. Consider switching from one radial to another.
Emergency Practice: Emergency Decent
Clear the area. Slow down. Add Drag. Push the nose down to VFE. Circle to stay within the area. Straighten out, clean up the airplane.

On Approach

Landing Type: Soft Field | Go Around
Establish an approach, and execute a go around once landing is assured. Perform the indicated landing procedure after.
Land while keeping your nose wheel off the field for as long as possible, and reduce the pressure on the nose gear at all times.